Carole F Smith


I have a degree and post graduate in ceramics from a long time ago, from Camberwell College of Arts and Goldsmiths Universityin London I gave it all up to make lights and chandeliers for my business
Candy's Chandies which lasted until 2000.
I got married to a Texan and ended up living in Houston six years ago.
Last year Idid a 9 month artist residency in Houston, Texas at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft and got back into ceramics again, the passion is back, i love making the stuff, putting things in the kiln is still as exciting as it was when i first started years ago, opening it up is as nerve wracking as it always was too!
I'm not saying i don't get frustrated with the process too, but seeing as i'm so into the process I carry on with it through the frustrations.
I am saving up for my own kiln, hope to get it in the next few months. Just now i'm using Lisa's, Thanks Lisa!
I am continuing making moulds from shapes of tableware that i collect from thrift stores, to make a whole mismatched set.